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25 August 2021

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Welcome to Week 7.

It was with a heavy heart on the weekend that we learned that our wonderful Parish Priest, Fr Marcel will soon be leaving us. Fr Marcel has completed his ten years in the Rockhampton Diocese and has been summoned back to his homeland of India.

Fr Marcel has been a wonderful servant and leader of our Parish community. I will personally miss him as my Parish Priest but also as a friend. Fr Marcel has had to endure a tough couple of years with his mother passing away in India, family exposed to COVID and the loss of many personal friends. COVID has also meant that he has been unable to travel back to be with, support and enjoy his own family during these tough times. To celebrate all that Fr Marcel has done for our school community, we will be holding a special Prayer Assembly as a send-off before he returns home in late September. Please, if you get the chance, I am sure kind words of both gratitude and support would be greatly appreciated.

Fr Marcel, we will miss you.

Our Upper Playground has been fully installed and opened on Monday. The kids have had a blast on it, and I thank the school community for their patience in waiting for this project to be completed. Now that this project is in place, we will now explore some sports goals and marking out some sporting fields.

Prep offers for 2022 were emailed out last Friday. If you have a child who is to begin in Prep next year, please respond to the email as soon as possible so that we are aware of the number of acceptances. Responses, whether they be an acceptance, or a decline were due today. Unfortunately, as is the case every year, not everybody who wanted a placement at our school was offered one and some have requested that they be moved onto a waiting list. For us to be able to send out a second-round of offers we need to have all of our first-round responses. If you can please make this a matter of priority if you have not already done so.

For those families that have accepted, our Prep Orientation Day will be held on Thursday, October 21st in Term 4. More information will be sent out closer to the date.

Just a reminder that in Week 8, Friday the 3rd of September is a Pupil Free Day across the entire Rockhampton Region. Staff will be participating in Professional Development at school. Outside of School Hours Care will be operating for the day but the positions may be capped due to a number of staff working across both services and having to attend our school Professional Development Day.

If you need care for your child on this day, please contact Rosie Stevens as soon as possible.

Book Week parade will be held tomorrow in the MPA. Mrs Senini has posted the specifics over the last few weeks. Parents are more than welcome to attend the parade; we just ask that you register on arrival and observe social distancing protocols. As per normal, we ask that if you are unwell and showing any flu like symptoms, please do not attend. We will post plenty of photos.

The Year 6 class are looking for anyone who can volunteer to sell some tickets for their ‘Get Active’ raffle. They are looking to sell their tickets for the rest of the Term and draw the prizes on the last day of Term 3. This raffle is their major camp fundraiser for Term 3. If you are able to sell any tickets on their behalf, please contact the year 6 teachers.

Congratulations to Charlotte Lambert, Lani Duncan and Halle McLaughlin and their families who celebrated the Sacrament of first Eucharist last weekend.

Finally, Good Luck to our Senior A Netball team and our 5C Rugby League team  involved in Grand Finals this week.

Have a great week.

Don’t Forget …

  • Prep 2022 offer acceptances due Wed 25th Aug.
  • Book Week Dress Up Day. Thursday 26th Aug
  • Season B Sport Grand Final Day. Friday 27th August.
  • Pupil Free Day. Friday 3rd September.
  • Father’s Day. Sunday 5th September.
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews Week 9 of Term 3.
  • Primary Inter-school Touch Challenge. Wednesday 15th September.
  • Prep 2022 Orientation Day. Thursday 21st October (in term 4).

Bernard Fitzgerald
Principal - St. Joseph’s Catholic School Park Avenue

St Joseph’s 2021 School Improvement Priorities:

  • Writing
  • Parent Engagement
  • Social Emotional Learning


21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many disciples desert Jesus

Luke 1:39-56

Historical Context – Christians and Jews

The first followers of Jesus and those who became followers in the years after the death of Jesus were faithful Jews. They saw the teachings of Jesus as a way of being a better Jew. They didn’t think that they were beginning a new religion; just a new way of interpreting their faith. However, as the years passed and the followers of Jesus began to clarify their understandings and beliefs, it started to become obvious that their belief in Jesus as the Son of God was distancing them from their Jewish brothers and sisters. Gradually the term, Christian, came into use and their differences from Judaism became more apparent.

@Liturgy Help – Greg Sunter







Week 8


3 Sept

Pupil Free Day

Week 9


10 Sept

Prep Prayer Assembly



*OLHC – Our Lady Help of Christians church – next to school
*MPA – Multipurpose Area (Basketball court)


This year we introduced Virtues Awards at St Joseph’s. Each year level has a specific Virtue to work at improving. The Year 1 focus virtue is Independence.

What is Independence?

Independent is confident self-reliance. We dare to be our own true selves. I think for myself and stand up for what I believe in. I trust my own decisions that are not influenced by my friends. When encouraging your child to learn more independently, it can be a tricky balance to work out when you should step in to help, and when you should leave them to figure the problem out for themselves.

Peer Support

The focus is on step 2 of the model, Plan. In Peer Support children learn the need to develop a range of coping strategies and be creative in drawing on these when planning responses. Responses include persevering, seeing the positive side to situations and engaging in activities they enjoy as a distraction for a short time.

Encourage your child to talk with you about strategies they could use as difficulties arise.

You Can Do It!

What does Persistence look like for our students?

I put in my best effort and continue to try hard and not give up when something is difficult and feels like it’s too hard to do.

Examples of Persistent Behaviour

  • Continuing to try even when schoolwork is hard
  • Continuing to try hard and finish your work when you are tired
  • Not being distracted by others
  • Checking my work when I’m finished to make sure it’s correct
  • Completing assignments on time
  • Not giving up when homework is difficult or there is a lot to do
  • In sport, continuing to try to be successful when faced with losses or setbacks

Positive Attitudes/Self-Talk linked to persistence

  • Growth Mindset – When I work hard and try different things to be successful, I get smarter.
  • Working Tough – I want things to be fun and exciting, but they don’t have to be. I can stand doing things that are hard to do, boring or uncomfortable.
  • Giving Effort – My success comes from trying hard. It’s not because I’m lucky or what I am doing is easy.

Bernadette Brennan
Assistant Principal Religious Education



Our annual book week celebrations will be held this week. We will have two events happening during the week.

On Tuesday, 24th August we held our Joey’s in Jamas night where everyone was invited to come to the library with their parents in their pyjamas and enjoy some board games, lego building and reading of books together. It was great to see so many families participate in this event. Look out for photos in next week’s newsletter. Thank you to the P&F for putting on tea, coffee and biscuits.

On Thursday, 26th August we will hold our annual book week dress up day. We will have a parade of all the costumes at 10:30 that morning in the MPA. The theme for the 2021 Book Week is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’.


Semester Two parent teacher interviews will be held in Week 9 of this term. Parents are now able to book an interview through Parent Lounge. Parent Lounge is open for bookings from now until this Sunday at 5pm.


This term a number of Year 5 and 6 students participated in the first round of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Year 5/6 Maths Quiz. Round 1 was held here at Joey’s with the winning team invited to participate in Round 2 which will be held in a couple of weeks’ time at Heights College. Congratulations to the winning team – Adyn Slater, Jack Wooler and Slater Malone. We wish these boys all the best for Round 2.


Last week we celebrated National Science Week. We held an expo on Tuesday morning where students from St Joseph’s and Emmaus College put together and ran some activities for all our students to enjoy. Thank you and congratulations to the following Joey’s students who organised and ran an activity:

Danielle Thompson – year 6; Lucas Barber – year 5; Heidi Nembach – year 5; Monica Bartsch – year 4; Caitlin Thompson – year 4; Ava Semple – year 4; Lucia Jarrett – year 3; Emilee Thompson – year 3; Eden Jackson – year 2; Kaeli Kirkman – year 2; Elizabeth Goodsall – year 2; Oscar Jarrett – year 1; Cooper Kirkman – Prep; Mr Nicholson’s Year 5 STEM students.

All activities were well organised and engaging for the school to enjoy. Well done.

Thank you to Mr Ron Howell and the students from Emmaus College who came along to run a couple of activities for our students. Your support of our school is appreciated.

On Thursday evening our community was invited to Emmaus College to participate in an astronomy night. Thank you to Mr Matthew Barber and the Emmaus College astronomy club including past Joey’s students (Josh Conway, Isobella Horton and Jackson Crosthwaite) for allowing us to join in this experience. Even though it was a cloudy evening, at different stages through the night we were able to view the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. Thank you to all who turned up to participate in this event. It was great to see so many Joey’s families getting involved.

Deanne Senini
Assistant Principal Curriculum


Hello from Year 3!

Jake Baker

This term in Year 3 in Math we have been learning times tables. When we are in Mrs Wayman’s workshops we have been working on problem solving tasks and math mazes. We have also been doing a times table challenge at the beginning of each workshop. My favourite thing in Math is doing the times table challenge because I like seeing my improvement and I get to go up levels.

Emilee Thompson

This term, in writing we have been learning how to write informative texts. So far we have written about elephants, space, Australian Olympic athletes and Olympic sports. We are using the 6 writing traits to become amazing writers. We are focusing on the word choice writing trait when we write our information reports. My favourite thing we have done in writing this term has been writing an informative text about elephants.

Tate McArthur

This term in Year 3 Science we are learning all about space. So far we have focused on stars, the sun, the Earth and the Earth’s rotation around the sun. We have also learnt about the solar system, astronomy superstar Karlie and about how the observation of the night sky helped the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people communicated to each other about the night sky. My favourite thing that we have learned about in science is how the observation of the night sky helped the Torres Strait Islander people and Aboriginal people, and how they communicated their knowledge about the night sky.

Amelia Pedersen

This term in Year 3 in HASS we are learning all about Australia. We have done lots of STILE lessons about Australia. In the lessons we have been learning lots about the Daintree Rainforest and we also have been learning about famous man-made features in Queensland like the Story Bridge, Gold Coast theme parks and the Wheel of Brisbane. My favourite part is when we get to look on Google Earth and see the 3 man-made features, my favourite man-made feature is The Story Bridge.

Ella Coughlan

In Religion this term we have been learning about Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton and about all the different regions and their parishes. We used Google Earth to look at the Churches in our Diocese. We looked at Bishop Michael McCarthy’s coat of arms and motto. We researched the responsibilities of the Bishop and how they are chosen. Earlier in the term we discussed how Jesus has taught us how to love, forgive, not be selfish and to treat others fairly. My favourite thing that we’ve done in Religion this term has been reading the bible scriptures about Jesus because I like learning about what Jesus has done when he was in the world.


Fee Accounts for Term 3 are now 4 Weeks Overdue

Term 3, 2021 Fee Statements were emailed and posted to Parent Lounge on Thursday 15th July. These are now 4 weeks overdue for payment and require your urgent attention.

If you have a means tested Concession Card and have not yet given a copy to the Finance Secretary, please do so as soon as possible.

If paying by Direct Deposit, please use your Account Number as the reference instead of names (this is the 6-digit number on your Fee Statement).


Bringing Up Great Kids

Do you need a space to reflect on your parenting journey and some support to strengthen your family?

Anglicare CQ – is running a Bringing Up Great Kids parenting program – starting in Week 1 Term 4 on 6 October 2021.

For further information, eligibility requirements & referral, please contact Rhonda on 07 48375373 or email

Anglicare CQ also has a Targeted Family Support Program available to families to refer for support for their own families. The program utilises a counselling, educational and skills development approach to support families to build their capacity to grow and strengthen their family. Contact Rhonda on 4837 5373


Recently shared on TED TALK – was Molly’s Talk. It is a great share – 7 mins shared by a 7-year-old.

This talk draws on the five key tips of connect, talk, play, healthy home and community, the talk explains the simple and fun things we can do that make a profound difference to a child’s brain development and wellbeing and the role we can all play, from ages 0-5 years and beyond.

National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week is approaching soon from 5-9 September 2021 (Week 9.)

This week is an important one recognised at Joeys. We want our school to be a safe place where students can learn and play.

This year’s theme is:

Every child, in every community, needs a fair go.
To treat all of Australia’s children fairly, we need to make sure every family and community has what kids need to thrive and be healthy.

What you can do

Week 8 Challenge - Warm Welcomes & Positive Pick Ups
Week 9 Challenge - Deep Listening

This year we will be sharing activities with students, talking about safety, exploring what it means to feel safe, identifying safe adults, discussing how to seek help and speak up, as well as working on a community collage about our community and what is in it that helps me be safe, healthy and thrive. We will be using classroom plants as one of the ways we can explore this idea. What do plants need to be healthy, be safe and thrive. We want to share and extend some of the student’s learnings by involving and inviting families to take up some of the challenges that the teachers are also committing to.


Week 8 - Warm Welcomes and Positive Pick Ups

Think of this like what a fertilizer is to a plant – this is like a little concentrated connection booster can be for children.

In the morning teachers and classes will be more focused on WARM WELCOMES and appreciating the students to offer an extra positive start to their day.

In the afternoon it is about reflecting before the days end. Think about ‘WHAT WENT WELL?’ today and inviting reflection to prepare for POSITIVE PICK UPS.

We would like extend this challenge to families . When YOU are dropping off your children and wishing them on their day, to make their day great and focusing extra efforts to fill their cup before they leave the car or house. Then in the afternoon we invite the pick-up adults and families at home to invite extra interest in their student’s day, to welcome them home; a high 5, hug or, ‘I missed you’ along with something to extend this positive opportunity to connect.

Ask them … So what went well today

These little extra warm moments of reconnecting ensure children feel special and have that time to feel contained and connected to their adults.

Pop this idea down on a sticky note on your fridge, on your calendar, or set a reminder in your phone, or look on the electronic notice board each day for a quick reminder. This might just provide a moment of sunshine in your usual busy day and boost your little person.

Be on the lookout for the Week 9 Challenge.


Dear Families,

As the St Joseph's Adopt a Cop, I would like to highlight a very specific piece of legislation related to the carpark at the school.

Under s.91(2) of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Regulation 2009, it is prohibited to make a right turn from the carpark driveway onto Haynes Street adjacent to the Kindergarten. The sign indicating this is located at the exit of the driveway and clearly states that there is to be no right turns between set hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm on weekdays.

Failure to adhere to this will result in the issuing of a traffic infringement notice to the cost of $110 and 3 points.

I will be enforcing this over the coming weeks with the emphasis being on informing road users about the rule. This has been brought about because of several close calls where traffic has attempted to turn across both lanes of traffic almost resulting in a traffic crash.

As always, the fatal five are at the forefront of road user awareness and Police will be out in force to ensure the safety of all drivers this week.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions or queries regarding this and they will forward them on to me.

A/Sergeant Prestin MOONEY
St Joseph’s Adopt-a-Cop


Congratulations to the following students and staff who will celebrate their birthday last week and this week. They are: Nate Bolck (Yr 2), Abigail Farr (Yr 2), Caitlin Thompson (Yr 4), Meilah Downie (Yr 1), Elie Clinton-Smith (Yr 4) and Miss Black

Have a great day.


Drakes Fundraiser for St. Joseph's Cathedral

I thank you for your support of this project which has raised over $40,000, of which the school community has played an important role. Please continue to support the Cathedral by shopping at DRAKES using your key tag and receiving the benefits.

If you have not been part of this fundraiser you are invited to get a key tag from your local School or Church and shop at your local Drakes, one cent in every dollar you spend will go to the Cathedral. No Fuss, only benefits.

Hoping to see you at Drakes
Stay Safe

Shirley Hopkins,
Co-ordinator, Drakes Fundraiser for St Joseph's Cathedral